"Because love is eternal!"

a 15-year-old lover of all things cute. though dramatic and oversensitive, people seem to love them... and it loves attention, so it's a win-win!
its favorite color is pink but you wouldn't be able to guess that — it aspires to look cool.

likes romance, compliments, sleep
dislikes loud places, boring things, sports
strengths able to do a lot when it feels in the mood to do so
weaknesses overcompetitiveness, mood swings
pet peeve chairs that aren't pushed in
fun fact its favorite insect is the jewel wasp!
Idolm@ster's Ranko tilting her head down with a smile on her face.
秘密のトワレ instrumental by Ichinose Shiki • Composed, written by, and arranged by Tomoko Sasaki • Fun Fact: Pupils widen when the person is in love or attracted!