jan 11, 2022

wounded innocence is romance itself!! GOD. i just found the lyrics today and. UGGGGHHHH. the line distribution was! so good!!! haruna's line saying "I won't let anyone touch her" is 34IOUWEOROIWERUOUOEWURIOEU. the lyrics "are acceptance and rebellion the only two options? ah, the beauty of it" fit lyrilily's story SO well. and miyu singing "I will be the one to choose my own path"...*starts crying* It's such a lyrical lily song. it has this old school feel and the lyrics fit them perfectly...........

jan 13, 2022

the five components of creativity are so cool! I think my favorite one is a venturesome personality. will base an OC off of these 5 traits. they'd be so fun!

jan 15, 2022

i've been looping pink bitch club allllll day. i didn't even like the song too much at first but I feel like the worse my school life gets the better this song is. and there's one part of the video i really like. so so much here, the lyrics are "I can change!" and then it goes to the chorus. that's just too relatable. that's how I feel every time I talk to online friends, or do even simple things like making friends in D4DJ. ALSO THE BIGGEST THING!!! it's how I feel whenever i act. i can't get on stage and talk about myself (hence my contentless about page. i cannot talk about myself at allll) but when I'm performing as someone else, I am that person now. there should be a word for this like the closest i'm thinking is metamorphosis but SPECIFICALLY for butterflies. it's beyond refreshing!!

jan 15, 2022

i have a lot to talk about today. I think i'm allowed to ramble more than once..anyway.
there's something so sad to me about love for a character/franchise fading away. i mean, there are usually new characters to love, but it's so sad. it's so sad to me to look at a character you used to once love, and only feel nostalgia, not the immense joy you would have used to. i wish i could just love all my favorite characters forever but instead I have to make sure i remember them for when i stop loving them...

jan 16, 2022

omg just now discovering this album cover!!!! they're so pretty.................UGHHHHHHH