Rhythm Games...?

Prior to D4DJ Groovy Mix, the only rhythm game I have ever played was Osu...which I ended up quitting because I was so bad at it. I've always had a terrible natural sense of rhythm and the like.
I have even been into the stories of rhythm games, but never decided to play them myself. And I was fine with that. I had lost interest in doing it! (webmaster fun fact! I quickly lose interest in things I'm not immediately good at.)

Simple Interest

Anyway, after seeing so much of 2 characters, Aoi and Tsubaki, I got curious about D4DJ. I thought they were cute. I was intrigued for a long time, especially about Aoi. I really wanted to know more about her.
One night, I was dying with boredom. I had even finished doing (and re-doing!) all the interesting-looking uQuizzes. So I was wondering what was left to do. Then I remembered that D4DJ existed, and that I might as well just get into it already.
I didn't know it had an official English version but when I found out it did, I installed the app immediately. I jokingly installed it, too, because it was a rhythm game, something I could not play.

First Ten Pull

I was mostly getting this app for Aoi Miyake. So when I found out there was a free ten pull, I was practically praying (RONDO REFERENCE...LOL) for her or the few other characters I knew of that interested me. But of course, I didn't actually expect it. My gacha luck has never been too great...
The animations for the gacha pulls greatly impressed me, by the way. So I was really excited when I found out that I'd be getting a RONDO member!! But that's when it happened.

I need you.
Miyake Aoi

It was AOI. AOI HAD COME HOME!!!!!! If only I still had the screenshot!! Shame I had to reset my phone. Anyway, that's when I realized that there was no way I was gonna let go of the game so easily. Me, someone with average luck, getting the character I wanted first pull? Out of 25 possible 4*s, I got Aoi? HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
Thus begins the beginning of this obsession. Even my siblings were shocked with how much I ended up liking it...............