Isn’t This Way Too Fun?

I had so much fun reading the Map stories. So much fun that, uncharacteristically, I’d be using my phone in the car to read them. I read the RONDO story almost immediately, too. And despite how bad I was at playing the songs, I was…having fun? I even snuck in reading map conversations during school. So, when I eventually got through all of them, it was saddening.
But, man, was it fun playing the game despite barely knowing how to use it. I skip instructions on impulse if it looks boring or too wordy, so I didn’t even know you could do Rehearsals till later. I wasted tons of voltage but it’s whatever! I also didn’t know that I’d collected so many rewards as a beginner just by playing the game! My friend had to point out that I had 7 10-draw tickets at my disposal.
I can’t emphasize how much I loved D4DJ (and still do!). I play in the car, whenever I can manage to at school, and it has become a practice to do it after school.
Remember how bad I said I was at rhythm games? Yeah, I was bad. I played “Retina” at least SIXTY FIVE times (saying this because it doesn’t count as clearing the song if you fail it) and for most of the time, I was fighting for my life trying to get a full combo. And this was on a level SEVEN song, a normal song. NORMAL level. I didn’t even get any diamonds out of the full combo??? 😭😭

And if I wasn’t trying to get a full combo, I was playing it because I loved the song and it was the highest level I could play without failing the live. That was the level I was at for a while but I still loved playing the game a lot? It was super fun, finally being able to full combo that level 9 song I guess…It’s funny because now I find songs that are too easy way too boring, so it’s hard to be able to clear it 5 times when there’s a much harder, more fun level. And this was the result of my practice, because I was not a natural at this at all…
Anyway, it was so much fun playing the game and learning more about the characters by reading map stories. But that’s all I’ll say for now. It’s time for a proper introduction ♡