This won't be in-depth at all! Sections for my favorite characters can be found here. I may not have much to say about some but a whole essay about others. I'm just having fun.

Happy Around!

They're the main group! The anime, First Mix, focuses on them from what I've watched of it! Didn't like them till much till I read card stories and watched the anime..They're still far from my favorite group but I think they're sper cute!! I LOVE the minor parts of their songs. Give Me Awesome!!!! is the best song BTW.

Peaky P-Key

Love the group title. I wouldn't fight someone if they said they have the best music of every unit. If I'm being honest I don't care much for them as a group THIS COULD CHANGE though. Their Let's Do The Big Bang performance shook me to the core. I think they have incredible stage presence that makes it so you can't look away!

Photon Maiden

They're so cool!!! Ibuki and Saki's stage presence is just amazing! Their songs are so nice. I actually don't have much to say (I am saving a lot for later).


MERM4IDDDD! Merm4id. Merm4id. They have the catchiest songs it's so amazing I have full comboed every Merm4id song's expert level I've bought except for the 14 and above ones..Their songs are so fun to play I feel my heart racing every time. They're so cool. I love their energy and I feel like the way this unit was formed really really sits them! Listen to Princess Advent NOW


They have some of the cutest group interactions!!!! The first unit story I read! I love them. I love how Marika said something like, they're all married or something, I'll have to go read that card story again. They remind me of shoujo manga. So cute!

Lyrical Lily

Starts to cry...They're actually so special to me for a number of reasons. I don't know why I thought they would be flops but then I decided to play Pining for the Moon and I instantly fell in love. I knew I would have to read their story soon and I really really idd love it. I love them. I think they're my favorite unit actually, even if it doesn't contain my favorite characters! They peaked with At Night at the Galactic Railroad but their cover of Wounded Innocence is also amazing. I hope I can FC it soon ☹